Psoriasis & All Skin Diseases

Psoriasis & All Skin Diseases

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There is No Fix Dosage of Gba Gut Drops. They may range from 2 to 6 Drops a day, with sufficient water & dosage spread throughout the Day. Try all dosages for a couple of weeks each. Gain Confidence, & Be Your Own Healer.

Gba Drops have Innumerable Benefits due to the Strengthened Gut. Study all links at to know them all.

If you are planning a Marriage, Anniversary, Birthdays etc., postpone taking this Treatment till After such Events. We Do Not have anything to Suppress the Disease. We Bring it Out. And We Do Not know when it Calms down, or How much is left within, & how long it takes to Cure. People digress to state this, we do not.

If you are a Diabetic & taking Medicines for it or you are taking Allopathic Chemical (read Toxicity) based Medicines on a Daily basis for other ailments, we Suggest you take 2 to 3 HH or Healthy100 Bitter Herbs capsules for Liver, alongwith the 2 Gba Drops in a day. This Liver Support shall remove the additional chemical toxicity from within, and help you Not to increase the Dosage of your existing Allopathic Medicines (read additional added Toxicity).

If the Psoriasis is full body or too widespread & chronic, one may take 2 to 3 Healthy100 bitter herbs capsules for liver, each day as 1-1 or 1-1-1 or 1-2 , 15 min after meal with half glass of warm or normal water and 2 Gba Drops in half glass of water before sleeping at night or anytime 30 min after dinner. This shall make your liver stronger & remove internal toxicity via stools & urine. This shall also catalyse the treatment process. Also, when Gba Drops need to be stopped due to ‘coming out’ of toxicity via skin, these HH caps may continue non-stop.