Psoriasis & All Skin Diseases

Psoriasis & All Skin Diseases

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In PSORIATIC ARTHRITIS – you Shall have to Order our Herbal Capsule called Sparrow alongwith Herbal Guggul Tablet called Brownie, alongwith Healthy100 Liver Caps abd Gba Drops. Then the Dosage is One HH Cap, One Sparrow Cap, 2 Brownies ( pack is of 200 tablets ) together as ‘Triplets’ twice a day, 15 min after Breakfast & Lunch or Dinner with half glass of warm water & 2 Gba Drops in half glass water, 1 hour after Dinner, anytime.

All Our Medicines are handmade & purely herbal with No Preservatives. Because of Strongest Anti- Microbial Properties, our Gel , Liquid Extract & Gba Drops have practically No Expiry, but the rest last 3 to 5 years in clean place at normal temperature.

Only Gba Drops & Gel has to be stopped if Disease ‘Coming Out’ gets unbearable. Learn the Concept & Strategy from our Videos. Liquid Extract can continue on the Scalp but it also needs to be stopped if is being used elsewhere on the Body.