Psoriasis & All Skin Diseases

Psoriasis & All Skin Diseases

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Psoriasis King (HINDI)
Concept to Dosages fully Explained
We Rule the Gut - Vaidyaraj Anil

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Psoriasis King (English)
Concept to Dosages fully Explained
We Rule the Gut - Vaidyaraj Anil

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Namaskar, this is Vaidyaraj Anil. Today, I’m going to have a conversation about psoriasis and our treatment, which is very unique and very powerful, and the best globally. Now, why I say the best is because we cure it through the gut. Now, what is gut? Gut is the large intestine, which is around five feet, right above from where we do the “party,” the large intestine. Why is the large intestine important? Gut is important because it has trillions of microbes with wisdom in it, represented by its genetic code of 30 to 40 million genes, which dwarfs the human genetic code of only 20 to 30,000 genes. I call that the god living within us, in our gut, protecting us from day one till the end.

The gut, or god, can also be defined as our ancestors’ wisdom represented by this genetic code. Everyone’s mother has a gut microbiome, passed down through generations, protecting and influencing decisions through the gut-brain axis. This is not philosophical but scientific; search “gut microbiome” on Google to learn more. It has access to every organ, including the skin. Skin-gut access is crucial; search for it, and fortunately, with God’s blessing, we have the best product under the sun for the gut, made from banyan tree extract, totally herbal, no chemicals.

You can go to anybody in the world, but when you want the cure for psoriasis, you have to come to us. Now, let me tell you about skin diseases. Skin disease is a reflection of toxicity within us, accumulated from water, chemicals, food, and medicines. The body, the god or gut, signals us that there’s a problem within, reflected on the “cinema screen” called the skin. It’s nothing to be afraid of; with the right tools and patience, chronic problems can be addressed.

For psoriasis, the gut is the key. We have a website for gut-related products, the GBA drops, which are part of the psoriasis protocol. The website is The gut has trillions of microbes influencing all organs positively or negatively. Now, about skin diseases, they can be fungal, bacterial, viral, or autoimmune. Chemical medicines and even Ayurvedic solutions have limitations. We have the best products, supported by video testimonials from well-placed, educated individuals.

Warning: Avoid biosimilar and biological injections for psoriasis; they are harmful, similar to chemotherapy. Pharmaceutical industries are making things worse; stay away from these injections. Psoriasis may take three months to three years to cure completely, but even if it recurs, it will be weakened. Maintain the gut with two drops in half a glass of water before sleeping at night. No vitamins, no supplements, no digestive medicines; let your body derive everything from food through a balanced gut.

For scalp psoriasis, we have liquid extract and gel made from banyan tree extract. The treatment strategy is to bring the disease out and then stop medication. The gut-brain axis influences decisions; be your own vaidya. For psoriatic arthritis, we have a triplet of herbal capsules; maintain the dosage even after cure. Patience is crucial; there’s no miracle, and children should be treated with care, using drops and minimal dosage. Study the articles and videos thoroughly for complete understanding.

God bless you; get cured and don’t panic. There’s no miracle; it takes time. We have cured many; you will be alright.

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